Peacemaker #4: The Choad Less Traveled

Peacemaker #4: The Choad Less Traveled We’re back! After being spoiled by a three-episode drop, Peacemaker will now take on a more traditional schedule. Weekly releases, every Thursday. Episode 5 will release January 27th, 2022. Though we weren’t spoiled with nearly as much of Weta Digital’s Eagly, we have quite a bit to unpack. I’llContinue reading “Peacemaker #4: The Choad Less Traveled”

Color Theory and How to Apply it to Your Photography

Color Theory and How to Apply it to Your Photography Hey, you! Yeah, you! Stop taking pictures for a few minutes!  You may have just found a new camera from Santa under the tree. Or maybe you’re a budding influencer upgrading from Pinterest and Instagram to a full-blown blog with a camera for your ownContinue reading “Color Theory and How to Apply it to Your Photography”

Analysis of the New Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

railer for Spider-Man: No Way Home. So what’s new from the previous trailers?