Is an Educated Demarchy the Answer?

An educated demarchy, also known as a random democracy, is a form of government in which decision-making is carried out by randomly selected citizens who have received a high level of education. This system is designed to address the issues of corruption and inequality that can arise in other forms of democracy, such as whenContinue reading “Is an Educated Demarchy the Answer?”

Stone Mountain: A Troubled History

The American ruling class is no stranger to immortalizing its leaders in stone, and the leaders of the failed Confederate States of America were no exception. Before you read about the modern celebration of Stone Mountain and its memorial, some historical context is required to understand what is happening there today, and why. To understandContinue reading “Stone Mountain: A Troubled History”

Ancient Climate Change May Help Us Navigate The Climate Emergency Today

As humans continue to burn fossil fuels, more and more carbon is added to our atmosphere which leads to further destabilization of our planet’s climate and weather and adds to an ever-rising average global temperature. The effects are not limited to the Earth’s surface, however. Our oceans play an integral role in the survival ofContinue reading “Ancient Climate Change May Help Us Navigate The Climate Emergency Today”


WE THOUGHT WE HAD CENTURIES. WE HAVE 12 YEARS. The time to act isn’t today or tomorrow. It was years ago. Today, the world’s climate continues to accelerate as governments cave to public pressure at a trickle, passing piecemeal legislation that only scratches the surface of what needs to be done to mitigate the worst caseContinue reading “WE THOUGHT WE HAD CENTURIES. WE HAVE 12 YEARS.”