Stone Mountain: A Troubled History

The American ruling class is no stranger to immortalizing its leaders in stone, and the leaders of the failed Confederate States of America were no exception. Before you read about the modern celebration of Stone Mountain and its memorial, some historical context is required to understand what is happening there today, and why. To understandContinue reading “Stone Mountain: A Troubled History”

Ancient Climate Change May Help Us Navigate The Climate Emergency Today

As humans continue to burn fossil fuels, more and more carbon is added to our atmosphere which leads to further destabilization of our planet’s climate and weather and adds to an ever-rising average global temperature. The effects are not limited to the Earth’s surface, however. Our oceans play an integral role in the survival ofContinue reading “Ancient Climate Change May Help Us Navigate The Climate Emergency Today”

The Culture: Technology We Can’t Be Trusted With

The Culture: Technology We Can’t Be Trusted With One February day in Dunfermline, Scotland, 1954, a boy was born. From a young age, he enjoyed science fiction, and one day would begin to write it himself. We’ve all heard of Star Trek and Star Wars. For me, they were always missing a certain something, orContinue reading “The Culture: Technology We Can’t Be Trusted With”

AARGH! #3: Oh No, Someone Published My Work

AARGH! #3: Oh No, Someone Published My Work Sometimes, only thing more terrifying than failure is success. I wanted to wait to make this post. I’ve actually already had a few successes in freelancing, but I wanted to wait until my first piece was actually published before posting about it. That time has come! SoContinue reading “AARGH! #3: Oh No, Someone Published My Work”

AARGH! #2: Laying the Foundation

AARGH! #2: Laying the Foundation GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN I’M SCARED Welcome back to AARGH! So, where are you on your journey? You’ve committed yourself to the idea of freelance writing. You’ve sat down, made a hot cup of coffee, told yourself you’re going to make it happen. Maybe you’re going to work inContinue reading “AARGH! #2: Laying the Foundation”

Pop Punk’s Roots and History

Pop punk is a “fusion” genre of music that has only existed as a recognized genre of music since the 1990s (Kesuma 2012). Prior to that decade, there were bands that displayed themes similar to what pop punk would later become, especially in the 1970s. But pop-punk didn’t have a name until the 1980s. ItContinue reading “Pop Punk’s Roots and History”