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Welcome to AARGH! This is a personal blog for professional frustrations as I dive headfirst into the world of freelance writing.

We all need to scream sometimes. This is me screaming, textually.

AARGH! #3: Oh No, Someone Published My Work

AARGH! #3: Oh No, Someone Published My Work Sometimes, only thing more terrifying than failure is success. I wanted to wait to make this post. I’ve actually already had a few successes in freelancing, but I wanted to wait until my first piece was actually published before posting about it. That time has come! So…

AARGH! #2: Laying the Foundation

AARGH! #2: Laying the Foundation GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN I’M SCARED Welcome back to AARGH! So, where are you on your journey? You’ve committed yourself to the idea of freelance writing. You’ve sat down, made a hot cup of coffee, told yourself you’re going to make it happen. Maybe you’re going to work in…

AARGH! #1: Becoming A Freelance Writer

AARGH! #1: Becoming A Freelance Writer Note: this totally professional blog features explicit language. Why Am I Screaming? Why is it called ‘Argh!’? That’s my best approximation of spelling a scream. Maybe you could try ‘AH!’ or ‘AHHHHHH!’. I don’t know, it just feels like the ‘R’ adds some extra emotion to it. So, why…

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I’m Cody. I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about what I want to do and dreading what it’ll take to get there. I love writing and I’m dedicated to making it in the freelancing world. If you’re reading this, I’d be thrilled for you to join me. Read more

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