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As a near-constant consumer of books, film, and television media I adore writing content about all the ways that they inspire, challenge, lampoon, or even damage humanity in this modern age.

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Ancient Climate Change May Help Us Navigate The Climate Emergency Today

As humans continue to burn fossil fuels, more and more carbon is added to our atmosphere which leads to further destabilization of our planet’s climate and weather and adds to an ever-rising average global temperature. The effects are not limited to the Earth’s surface, however. Our oceans play an integral role in the survival ofContinue reading “Ancient Climate Change May Help Us Navigate The Climate Emergency Today”

“In one word, outstanding. I was extremely pleased at Cody’s attention to detail, and his insightful suggestions about my expat healthcare book. … I wanted a keen eye to eliminate my tendency to assume people know what some data points are. I wanted another set of eyes on readability. Got that. I appreciated his timely responses and workflow. Well done, Cody.”

— H. N. Schultz

Cody was ready to jump right in and we could not be happier with his input and professionalism. His Fee schedule is clearly laid out, he has responded in a timely manner, and his ideas have helped us to take our site to the next level.

K. Chaps

Cody was brought on as an editor for my latest novel. His thoroughness and communication through the editing process were unparalleled. I’ll be bringing him back on for my next project.”

— J. Mills
Content Writer
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From press releases to lifestyle pieces, make sure your content is captivating.

A collection of old books and novels, classically bound.

Self-publishing has never been easier! Dont be that author who let’s their work be publishes uneditd and unfinis

A marketing meeting, likely over some juicy new slogan or copy.

SEO is all the rage now, but your business needs to speak to people, not just robots. SEO is useless if the words themselves can’t keep someone on your page for more than a minute.

(note: change this copy before the robot uprising)


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Lunar Eclipse, May 2022
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